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Solid, robust, secure & state-of-the-arte omni-channel payment technology, built to take your business global. An all encompassing platform with multi-currency backbone, alternative payment methods and a true cross border environment with high frequency processing capabilities. Mobile payments, online payments and offline terminals. we can accommodate businesses from any size and take you to any scale. To put simply, KingPay has your business needs covered in one singular hub.

Mobile & Web Payments

Capitalise on an ever-growing emerging market of mobile payments.


Process in multiple global currencies and benefit from a true cross-border payment experience.

Recurring Payments

Benefit from recurring payments. Ideal for subscription models, MLM models, memberships & digital software providers.

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65+ Payment Methods IN 1 HUB

KingPay is a truly global payment solution to help any online business grow rapidly online.
Tap into customers from all over the world and offer them fast and convenient ways to pay for your products and services.

Creates ripples of success by tapping into demographics you would not be able to reach before. We offer Apple Pay, AliPay, Sofort, iDeal, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard to name but a few.

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Tap into over a billion mobile devices globally and turn browsers into paying customers. Receive payments from almost any mobile device, anywhere in the world. With more and more time spent browsing the web from your phone, KingPay gives you a natural extension to your business allowing you to capture your audience, wherever they may be.

Case Studies

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Speed, simplicity, security and smooth operation are just some of the features you can expect with KingPay. Your business needs a catalyst & deserves the fuel it craves to grow exponentially in the online world. Use a multitude of payment methods, global cross border processing, security and no nonsense implementation with KingPay to get you there faster.

We power bedroom start-up’s to global corporations. With our simple and easy to use platform KingPay can have you up and testing with real code in minutes!

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Payment Security

Spread your wings and take payments locally or globally with confidence.

KingPay offers a sophisticated network of fraud prevention tools and risk settings, such as;

3d secure, GEO filtering, IP filtering, Proxy validation, BIN validation and so much more that can align seamlessly with your business.

Lower chargeback fees, increase conversion rates, boost your sales and ultimately, grow your business faster.

Take the pain out of complex filtering by allowing our technology to support your business as you grow. Enter new markets with confidence.

Fraud prevention is one thing, stability and performance in the backbone of your payment provider is a different animal.

This is why we offer Cutting-edge cloud technology, PCI DSS Level 1, 99.99% uptime and a resilient datacentre backbone – so you don’t see any rainy days.

Accept payments globally

Kingpay's bringing sexy back into payments

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Global Pay.

Dominate the world with your products and services and tap into customers on a global scale. You’ll need a powerful payment vehicle to take you there. With KingPay you can accept payments securely from customers anywhere in the world.

With payments processed in 164 currencies and slick cross-border payment processing technology – we’ve got you covered.

The king of payments

I Am KingPay. With our all encompassing omni-channel payment hub, our robust acquiring network can cater to the ever growing demands and requirements of businesses from all industries and sectors. Our forte is facilitating growth of businesses around the world through streamlined payment technology solutions.

We work with the following business types: Retail E-commerce, MLM, Adult, Gaming, Gambling, Digital delivery & other specialised medium to high risk niches.

Supported shopping carts

KingPay is partnered in with some of the largest cart providers in the world and goes that extra mile in helping your business grow online. Speed, Simplicity, Security.

With KingPay, ease of integration into our revolutionary global gateway is a doddle, giving every merchant the flexibility they need to make the most out of KingPay. For your complete peace of mind, KingPay can also integrate with any shopping cart provider not currently referenced here.

plus many more

Taking payments

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Accepting Payments with KingPay is a doddle. In fact, you can integrate seamlessly with very little technical expertise. Simply register your details, copy and paste some code in your website, then start accepting payments in our test environment.

Our friendly support team is at hand to guide you through the process should you have any questions.


KingPay was born out of a a simple but definitive idea. To create a catalyst in fuelling rapid growth of businesses of all shapes and sizes, anywhere in the world. We recognised that the heartbeat of any business is cash flow. Embracing this, we continued to develop state-of-the-arte payment technology by partnering with a robust and solid network of acquiring banks throughout the world.

We created a foundation for effortless, scalable, secure and streamlined growth through payments in a powerful omni-channel platform.

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Dominate the world with your products and services and tap into customers on a global scale. You’ll need a powerful payment vehicle to take you there. With KingPay you can accept payments securely from customers anywhere in the world.

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