LiveCards are a very fast paced and dynamic company that have a strong foothold in the Pan European markets.

They’re experts at delivering solutions to gamers and have a great reputation in the markets. KingPay have continued to offer robust solutions, including a high-capacity gateway, additional security measures and several payment methods to help LiveCards penetrate the industry successfully.

3 Years since LiveCards came on board, we’ve seen the company accelerate and dominate the gaming industry with their products and services. Our solutions have provided them with month on month growth and we expect the company to be one of the largest in the space in the next year.

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InstantECare are a fully licensed European pharmaceuticals company, based in the United Kingdom.

Due to the professionalism of the company, the out the box thinking and the vast plans for the future, KingPay offered IEC a solution that they could scale with effortlessly.

Fast forward 2 yrs and the company has grown leaps and bounds and with additional bolt on services in the pipeline, the company has a very bright further ahead. Over the counter medicines and prescription drugs have shown promising growth over the years and Shah and his team are well positioned to dominate the industry. KingPay provide a multi-currency processing environment to IEC and deliver a streamlined solution the company can grow with substantially.

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